Hi! I’m Marisa. I’m a stay-at-home wife to my wonderful husband Stephen and mother to our four beautiful daughters Althea, Isabella, Elizabeth, and Lydia. God is the foundation of our home, my family is my happiness, and baking, cooking, and gardening are my passions. I am all self-taught through the internet, cookbooks, and A LOT of trial and error.

I got the name for this blog from my own experiences in the kitchen. Have you ever made food while you were angry? It never tastes very good, or at least in my experience it doesn’t. I have this crazy philosophy that you bake how you feel and I always remind myself of this before I make anything.

Growing up in a Korean American family, I tend to favor Asian dishes, including Indian cuisine, and I’m all about spicy foods. I hope to be able to chronicle my cooking and gardening adventures with you, making it fun and easy, but also explaining why we eat and don’t eat certain foods. Don’t worry. I am not a major health freak. I thoroughly enjoy eating, but since having children I’m more conscious about what my family puts into our bodies and I think that everyone deserves to know and understand the truth about what we mindlessly buy at the grocery store and the benefits of homemade.  My hope with this blog is to inspire others to be adventurous and try new things. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you. 🙂



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